SharePoint 2013 Search Results Not Displaying All Results

I have been playing with the “Search Results” Web Part that appears in SharePoint 2013. I was attempting to search for three different content types and display the results. The new Query Builder allowed me to quickly build the query:

ContentType:”Memo” ContentType:”Policy” ContentType:”Procedures”

The “Test Query” button correctly displays 4 results. However, when the Web Part is saved only 2 results are displayed. Why could this be?

After a bit of routing around I found this blog post that resolved the problem :

SharePoint Search attempts to trim the results when it sees similar content. I was using sample documents with almost identical content, so 2 of the results were not being displayed!

To overcome this you need to:

1. Export the Search Results Web Part from your page.

2. Open the .Web Part file in your e.g. Notepad++.

3. Search for “TrimDuplicates” – mine was on line 42.

4. Change the TrimDuplicates property from True to False.

5. Upload the updated Web Part.

6. Add the Web Part to your page.

It should now work.