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Hide Current Navigation Panel in SharePoint 2013

Create your own css file and add to the site collection’s Style Library.

The css should contain:


.ms-core-navigation { DISPLAY: none }

#contentBox { margin-left: 0px }


Now goto the site collection’s Site Settings page. Click on the ‘Master page’ link under ‘Look and Feel’, expand the Alternate CSS URL section and select the css file.

The Focus on Content button (top right) also exhibits similar behaviour – see

Planning your Electronic Document & Records Management System in SharePoint – an Introduction

Martin Driscoll is a SharePoint Consultant at Deltascheme Limited – a Microsoft Gold Partner – see


It is vital that your organisation carefully plan how to deploy a SharePoint-based Electronic Document & Records Management System (EDRMS). The extent of planning will be influenced by the scale and complexity of your business objectives. For example, a simple deployment may involve the management of a department’s ongoing electronic files, whereas a more complex deployment may involve the management of a wide variety of information sources across the whole enterprise. It is more common for an organisation to focus on more complex deployments because it helps remove information silos and the resulting problems managing disparate information. It is often preferable to encourage employees to capture documents in an EDRMS such as SharePoint. This approach allows the organisation to introduce standards for indexing documents (the application of metadata), centrally maanage retention schedules (how long to keep documents and records), and provide a single source to browse and search for relevant information. 

So an organisation first needs to agree their business objectives, and set an appropriate budget and timescales to successfully achieve an EDRMS deployment and equally vital – its ongoing adoption. The following steps are provided to help organisations plan their SharePoint EDRMS deployment. More detailed articles on this broad subject will be provided in later posts: